The Sun Lords Market

The Sun lords has been tremendously successful in obtaining appreciation from its clients for premium grade services. No wonder we have attained top position in serving consumers with the best.


Our Premium Product Range

Products CAS No. Therapeutic Use Thiocolchicoside 602 ñ 41 ñ 5 Muscle RelaxantColchicine 64 ñ 86 ñ 8 Anti Gout/Anti cancer
Colchicine 64 ñ 86 ñ 8 Anti Gout/ Anti cancer
Colchicoside 477-29-2 Anti-edema/gout/rhinitis
Hyoscine N-Butyl Bromide 149 ñ 64 ñ 4 Anti-Spasmodic /Prevents travel sickness/ mydriatic/anesthetic /Anti-cholinergic
Hyoscine Hydro Bromide 6533ñ68ñ2 Anti-Spasmodic /Prevents travel sickness/ mydriatic/anesthetic /Anti-cholinergic
Hyoscyamine 101-31-5 Anti-cholinergic /Anti-dote/Anti-spasmodic/Prevents travel sickness
Hyoscyamine Sulphate 620-61-1 Anti-Spasmodic /Prevents travel sickness
hyoscyamine Hydro Bromide 306-03-6 Anti-cholinergic /Anti-dote/Anti-spasmodic/Prevents travel sickness
Reserpine 50 ñ 55 ñ 5 Controls blood pressure
Raubasine(ajmalicine) 483 ñ 04 ñ 5 Anti hypertensive
Yohimbine HCL 98% 65 ñ 19 ñ 0 Increases male potency
It is our endeavour to manufacture the following products on demand:-
Deacetyl Baccatine III (10-DAB III) 32981-86-5 Intermediate for Paclitaxel and Docetaxel
5 HTP (5 Hydroxy Try Ptophan) 56-69-9 Intermediate for SEROTONIN, used as an antiepileptic and antidepressant, Decreases appetite/reduces anxiety and improves mood
Digoxin 20830 ñ 75 ñ 5 Used to treat Congestive heart failure Camptothecin 7689-03-4 Anti-tumor/ Anti-leukaemia/ Anti-cancer

Our New Product Range in R & D:-

1. Methoxaslen 298-81-7 used against diseases like Psoriasis,Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma, Skin Diseases such as vitiligo , Mycosis Fungoides, Erythema, Pigmentation agent
2. Nicergoline 27848-84-6 used as a cerebral vasodilator and in peripheral vascular disease and in cere brovascular disease
3. Vinpocetin 42971-09-5 cerebral blood-flow enhancing and neuroprotective effects Stroke, Anoxia (Hypoxia),Cerebral Ischemi, Alzheimerís Disease,Calcinosis